Personal Branding: Does your headshot represent your business?

This discussion of headshots comes up often with another photographer friend & a business associate. Both comment that people do not have professional headshots on their business cards & LinkedIn pages or they have no image at all.

The photographer of course is focused on the bad images. She says that she sees so many bad headshots representing businesses. People use selfies taken in the car or bathroom, headshots taken in bad lighting, bad hair & makeup.

Link your name with your face

My business friend is frustrated with the fact that so many people don’t even have a headshot to represent their business. Her & I go to a lot of networking events. We swap a lot of business cards with other professionals. Her complaint is that she is not going to remember every face. She often sets up meetings in public places with people. She has no idea what they look like because they don’t have a headshot on their business card.

I agree with both of them. At the most recent networking event, I interacted with 25 new people & swapped business cards. Out of those 25 cards, only 2 have a headshot image. I am not going to remember everyone I meet! Connecting the name with a face is very important. Especially if you are the owner of the business.

A professional headshot is going to link your name with your face

And I’m not just saying this because I am a photographer. Just google the phrase “importance of a good headshot.” The results are endless.

The selfie vs. the professional headshot

Here is an example:

Selfie vs professional headshot
A business woman’s headshot selfie compared to professional headshot

In the age of the selfie, I guess it is better to have some kind of image of yourself as opposed to no image. But which one do you think looks more professional? While this lady is definitely pretty in both, clearly a professional photographer is going to capture a better image with good lighting & no background distractions. You want to represent your business in the best way possible!

And while we are on this subject, BE A PROFESSIONAL! I see bad “professional” headshots too! No duck lips! (Yes, I see people do that!) No silly faces! (Unless you are a clown or represent child themed entertainment) Get your hair & makeup professionally done. And guys, seriously, shave your face! And even if you have facial hair, clean it up! You represent your business. You are the face of it! Give people a good headshot to remember you by.

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