It’s Back to School Time!

Makeover High School Senior Portraits in Gainesville FL

Back to School. School pictures. For some that brings anxiety. For others it brings excitement! High School Senior Portraits should be captured in a special way! Have you thought about your senior portraits for this year?

I remember my senior portraits. My mom spent a lot of money on them. And quite frankly, they were pretty boring, standard studio shots just like everyone else’s in my class. In fact, they are pretty embarrassing to look at now! Remember the look of the late 80’s & 90’s? Those hair lights! Yikes!

Senior Portraits That Stand Out!

I want to give your high school senior beautiful images that you will both treasure for a lifetime! I want to make them look their best! Plus, it’s just a lot of fun! They get to play dress up with me! My sessions are individual & stylized. They will feel like a model for the day!

Look & Feel like a model!

My portrait sessions include an in person consultation, styling advice, professional hair & makeup & access to my fun wardrobe! After the session, I will edit the best images. And then we will schedule a reveal session to pick your favorites! I offer wall art with beautiful frames, a folio box with matted images & I can create a magazine featuring you!

Check out my magazine here to see what I can create for you!

Ask for the Parachute Dress!

Do you want something REALLY special for your senior portraits? Be sure to ask about my parachute dress during your consultation!

high school senior wearing my parachute dress
The Parachute Dress!
image of a high school senior girl in my parachute dress with dress thrown behind her and the dress encircles her frame looking like a peacock
Another beautiful way the parachute dress can be thrown

High School Senior Portraits in Gainesville, FL

Contact me now to set up a consultation. I want to hear how your high school senior wants to be photographed!

High School senior in outdoor shoot in Micanopy FL
High School senior portraits- indoor & outdoor options!

View more of my teen & high school senior portraits here:

Right now I am running a special! Click the link below to check it out!

Tuscawilla Photography is an award winning Gainesville, FL & Ocala, FL area photographer. Aimee specializes in makeover portrait sessions, headshots & High School Senior Portraits. All portrait sessions include a consultation, styling advice, access to my fun wardrobe, hair & makeup & a reveal session to select your favorite images. Contact me now!

Contemporary Glamour Photography | Gainesville Photographer

What is Contemporary Glamour Photography?

You remember the glamour shots of the late 1980’s & early 1990’s right? You know, the overly softened, big hair & poppin’ your leather jacket collar portraits. Most of us probably have them hidden under the bed now. Did you know that glamour style portraits are making a come back – worldwide?! But this time, they have a more refined & timeless look that will flatter every woman. Think of Vanity Fair magazine covers. (Google that!)

My own Glamour Shot (circa 1994) Gainesville, FL
Modern glamour portrait, Gainesville, FL

So what is contemporary glamour photography? Glamour photography focuses on the beauty of the person being photographed. It is not the same as fashion photography, which focuses on the clothes & accessories. It involves hair & makeup, wardrobe, lighting & poses that flatter the subject. It’s about making all women feel beautiful. And you can have that experience right here in Gainesville!

Portraits Create Memories

Why should you book a glamour portrait session with Tuscawilla Photography? To celebrate YOU! Are you graduating from high school? Are you going to have a baby soon? Have you reached a major milestone or had a big change in your life? Do you want to have beautiful memories of your children?Or do you want legacy family portraits done? Do you want to have portraits of or with your pet? Maybe you need updated headshots? There are so many reasons to capture this time of you & your loved ones. And this is the perfect time to be treated like a model & have beautiful magazine style portraits of yourself!

When you book a session with Tuscawilla Photography, you will feel like a model for the day! All of my sessions include styling advice, hair & makeup & access to a fun wardrobe with clothes for all sizes. It is so much fun! I will pose & light you in the most flattering way. I want to take the most beautiful photographs of you that you have ever seen! Come play dress up with me!

The love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Contact me today to book your session & tell me why & how you want to be photographed!