Micanopy Portrait Mini Session

What is a Portrait Mini Session you ask? Mini Sessions are exactly what they sound like: smaller versions of the portrait packages I offer.

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Normally, my makeover portrait experience lasts 2-4 hours. But a Portrait Mini Session will only last 30-45 minutes. You may think “But that’s not long at all!” You’re right – it’s not! That’s why it’s mini!

Portrait Mini Sessions are designed to give you a taste of what I do.

Outdoor kids portrait mini session
Kids at La Chua Trail


Think of it like this: you know those sample platters you get at the restaurant that has a few small portions of several of the menu offerings? Mini portrait sessions are kinda like that. So, It’s not free, but you get to try a couple things to see what you like best. And it is a limited time offer. It won’t be available year round.


I am offering mini sessions during the cooler months here in Florida. I mostly do studio work because Florida is HOT! And it has lots of BUGS! And You can’t look your best in a photo when you’re sweating & swatting mosquitoes! I have a controlled environment in my home studio.The temperature is controlled so you won’t sweat & I control the light so we don’t have to depend on the sun. And we can keep the mosquitoes at bay!

with the cooler temperatures we are having now, I want to get out & do some natural light outdoor shoots too!

outdoor family portrait mini session
Family Outdoor Session

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So, if you are looking to have family portraits, portraits of your children, high school senior portraits or pet portraits, take a look at my work & get a sample session by booking one of my mini sessions! Just click the link below!


portrait mini session indoor natural light
Indoor natural window light portrait

Want to get a free Portrait Mini Session?? Host a mini session party!  Contact me to schedule a date, invite 3 or more families either to your house or a pretty location close by, and I’ll do the rest! This is a great way to get all the extended family together for individual family shots and also a big family shot too! Contact me to book your date or get more information!


Want to Parachute (dress) With Me??

The Parachute Dress Lands in Micanopy, FL

I have seen a lot of dress throwing in portrait photography lately & I LOVE IT! Then I started finding images with repurposed vintage parachutes. AMAZING! I had to get one!


What is a parachute dress??

The parachutes are made from Ripstop Nylon material. This makes them very durable & the lightweight fabric makes them perfect for the dress throwing images! I cut the strings off of them & fashion them on my clients like a skirt or dress.

The Gainesville, FL parachute dress on a high school senior girl
The parachute dress on an evening shoot near Gainesville, FL

I wanted to do something a little different & creative with my parachute dress, so I made a bunch of little tulle pom poms & sewed them on to the parachute. I’m not sure if I will keep it this way. I can always take them off if I change my mind. I have even thought about dyeing the fabric for some dramatic color. Will just have to see where my creative thoughts go in the future. For now, it’s easy to match any color top with a white parachute & I have thought about changing the color of the dress in post production.

And the best part? One size fits all!

Book a parachute dress session!

Want to give you high school senior a photo session that is extra special? This parachute can be part of your teen or high school senior photoshoot! Bring a beautiful top to go with it or pick something from my wardrobe. What a great gift to give your high school senior! And the beautiful memories will last a lifetime!

All of my boutique portrait sessions are customized to your needs & include a consultation, styling advice, hair & makeup, access to my fun wardrobe, snacks & a reveal session to select your favorite prints. It is so much fun!

To find out more & book your makeover portrait session with Tuscawilla Photography today, click this link. Let’s talk about how you want to be photographed! https://tuscawillaphotography.com/contact-investment

image of a high school senior girl in my parachute dress with dress thrown behind her  and the dress encircles her frame looking like a peacock taken in Micanopy, FL
Another beautiful way the parachute dress can be thrown

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